Maybe you have a vintage truck that you love to drive in the summer, you’re going away on an extended business trip, or you collect cars and are running out of space at your home. Regardless of your reason, storing your vehicle at a facility is a safe alternative to storing it at home.

When preparing your vehicle for storage, there are several steps you can take to preserve the life of your car or truck. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    1. Change the oil: If you plan to store your vehicle long-term (more than 30-days), consider changing the oil first. Dirty oil can thicken, making it difficult to start the vehicle when you want to bring it home.
    2. Clean your vehicle: Taking your car or truck through the wash helps remove grime, water stains, and bird droppings that, if left sitting for too long, can damage the exterior. Consider waxing for additional protection.
    3. Fill up the tank: Having a full tank of gas prevents condensation from building up in the fuel tank, rust from forming, and keeping the seals from drying out.
    4. Use a stabilizer: Adding a fuel stabilizer to your tank also prevents damage to your fuel system and gas deteriorating for up to 12 months.
    5. Disconnect the battery: Car batteries could leak acid and corrode the inside of the car if left plugged in. The easiest and cheapest way to extend the life of your battery is to disconnect it.
    6. Leave the parking brake off: It might feel like a good idea to put the parking brake on while your vehicle is being stored, but you could risk damaging the brake pads and rotors. Instead, use tire stoppers to prevent the car or truck from moving.
    7. Cover the tailpipe: Use a plastic bag or some other cloth material to keep pests out.
    8. Keep vehicle registered: It might be tempting to remove the registration because it is not being used. However, legally, to store a car or truck at a facility, it must be registered in your name.

    We hope these tips help to protect your car or truck while in storage. If you have any questions about storing your vehicle at our outdoor facility, get in touch with our storage specialists!

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