There are a variety of reasons why people use self-storage units. Here are the top 5 reasons why our customers choose to store with us:

1. Decluttering homes

As people’s lives change, we accumulate possessions that sometimes outgrow the space in our homes. Rather than discard important items, renting a storage space is an economical way to keep belongings safe, short or long-term.

2. Moving to a new home

Moving is a task that extends beyond a single day or weekend. Those belongings need to be kept safely until the move-in date arrives and beyond. Self-storage units are an excellent way for individuals, couples, or families to ease the transition into their brand new home.

3. Renovations

Whether you’re breaking down walls or adding an extension, placing your belongings temporarily in storage ensures nothing gets damaged throughout the process. Once the job is complete, you can easily move everything back, knowing that your possessions are exactly as you stored them.

4. Storing Off-Season Equipment & Vehicles

From skiing and snowmobiling to boating and camping, every season offers a different way to enjoy the outdoors in Squamish. Self-storage units allow seasonal equipment and vehicles to be safely kept during periods when they aren’t required for active use.

5. Accessibility

Storage units offer an inexpensive way to extend the space in your home. Sometimes customers need to access their items frequently, making accessibility a key feature of our facility. Conveniently located between Whistler and Vancouver, Black Tusk Storage is a short drive from wherever you live along the Sea to Sky.

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