We purchase car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and travel insurance, because our vehicles, home, and health are all important. The same rule applies at storage facilities. If you are storing your belongings rather than tossing them out, this is a good indicator that they hold value and are worth additional protection.

Why is storage insurance necessary?

Our facilities and staff do everything they can to keep your belongings safe and secure. Situations out of our control can happen, such as accidents, natural disasters, and fires. While these represent a slight but real possibility, it’s best to have contingencies in place that will allow you to have that additional peace of mind.

How can I get covered?

There are a few different ways to receive coverage:
  1. Homeowner's insurance generally covers the contents of your home, even when they are not being kept on the premises. Check your policy to determine if this applies to you.
  2. If your insurance does not cover stored possessions, reach out to a private insurance company about "all-risk" coverage. Because of the low risk-nature of storing belongings at a self-storage facility, this type of insurance often costs only a few dollars a month. Ensure that the paperwork states the address of the storage facility where you will be keeping your possessions.
So, is storage insurance worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. Your belongings hold value, whether monetary or sentimental. To protect them and your peace of mind, do your research and get covered.

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